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Wetness Indicator Adhesives

H.B. Fuller’s Full-Care® 9500 series wetness indicator adhesive provides fast and distinct color change at the time of wetness. This series has less migration or bleeding of color for a clear and noticeable indication. 

Key Benefits

  • High humidity resistance virtually eliminates premature wetness indicator color change
  • Fast, dark blue color indication happens immediately in response to urine and is a definitive visual change that lasts
  • Improved thermal stability with good machining and reduced char (as compared to competitive diaper wetness indicators)
  • Ideal for applying via conventional slot die onto nonwoven or PE 
  • Lower odor than other adhesive wetness indicators 

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Full-Care™ 9300

  • Humidity resistant
  • Distinct colour change after insult
  • Wash out resistant
  • Low odor
Technology Documentation
Full-Care™ 9300
Used for disposable baby diapers
Hot Melt

Full-Care™ 9500

  • Fast and distinct color change for immediate indication of wetness
  • Bright blue color for a distinct visual indicator
  • Humidity and migration resistance
Technology Documentation
Full-Care™ 9500
Used for disposable baby diapers
Hot Melt

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