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Positioning Adhesives

H.B. Fuller offers a full line of premium positioning adhesives with industry proven performance. Full-Care® 6000 positioning series nonwoven hygiene adhesive can be applied across a variety of back-sheets and can be applied via the release material or directly to the back sheet. Consumers will be confident in the end product performance, eliminating the risk of complaints.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent anchorage to a wide variety of back-sheet materials
  • Reliable positioning adhesive performance maintained across a wide variety of garment textiles
  • Performance levels achieved immediately and remain stable even after long-term storage
  • Potential to eliminate staining on breathable PE or siliconized release materials

Production Optimization

  • Delivers production flexibility and positioning adhesive can be successfully applied via transfer or direct applications, such as slot and spray
  • Clean adhesive application resulting in minimal machine interventions to maximize production efficiencies
  • Low coat weights can be achieved with no impact on performance 

Full-Care™ 6200

  • Industry benchmark
  • Excellent anchorage to a wide variety of backsheet materials without transfer
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Full-Care™ 6200
Used for feminine care
Hot Melt

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