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Millwork and Profile Wrap Adhesives

Put our knowledge of EVA and reactive hot melt adhesives to work for you. We collaborate with you to find just the right adhesive for your application.


  • Water white in color
  • No stringing with high strength for clean application
  • High heat resistant

Rakoll® Supermelt Plus

  • Long open time
  • Formulated for low coat weight on a variety of substrates
Technology Documentation
Rakoll Supermelt Plus

SC 0762

  • Formulated for PVC edge banding
  • Fast drying to increase adhesion of hot melt

swift®therm 84567

  • Provided in five colors
  • Good heat resistance
  • Formulated for soft forming
  • Best with PVC, Melamine HPL and wood
Technology Documentation
swifttherm 84567

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