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Discover new production alternatives with our broad range of high performance industrial adhesives for residential and commercial doors.

Door manufacturing continues to evolve with new materials, process efficiencies and innovations while consumer expectations continue to grow. Whether they are replacing doors for safety, curb appeal, or updating the look for their building, consumers today are faced with more choices than ever. Today’s adhesives must provide flexibility, speed and wider adhesion performance with high-end use reliability.

Our current product offerings include many new adhesives developed by understanding the needs of the industry and then rapidly prototyping new concepts in our world class R&D and applications facilities where our comprehensive formulating knowledge is used to build in performance that exceeds required industry certifications.

From polyvinyl acetates to hot melt polyurethane adhesives to 100-percent solid liquid moisture cure polyurethanes, our adhesive technologies improve the look and durability of both interior and exterior doors.

Oversized Glass and Patio Doors 

Oversized glass and patio doors maximize views and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. While commercial and residential design is trending toward larger glass doors, there also is a consumer expectation that such design elements will be durable and energy efficient.   

Our Ködispace 4SG reactive thermoplastic spacer offers high energy efficiency and superior gas retention. Its automated manufacturing process results in more precise spacer placement, even for large units up to 130” x 230”. Plus, it creates a harmonious connection between the glass and the frame, greatly improving spacer aesthetics.

The low thermal conductivity in our Ködispace 4SG reactive thermoplastic spacer results in excellent warm edge performance. Its superior gas retention results in a longer IG life and maintained thermal performance.


  • Longer open time
  • Designed for lock block/rail -stile attachment

Rakoll® RK2009

  • UL10C burn listing for wood doors with HPL facings
Technology Documentation
Rakoll RK2009

Rakoll® RK8490

  • UL10C burn listing for wood doors with HPL facings
  • Repositionable
  • WDMA type 1
Technology Documentation
Rakoll RK8490


  • High green strength for fast automated lines and high ambient temperature
Technology Documentation


  • Good for untreated SMC and surfaces
  • Longer open time for slower production
Technology Documentation


  • UL10C fire rating veneer facings
  • High green strength to hold down bowed skins
Technology Documentation


  • UL10C fire rating with HPL facings
  • High green strength and flow with reduced stringing
Technology Documentation


  • Repositionable low tack for indexing on auto assembly machines
  • Rigid final set

Swift®lock 2U232-3N

  • UL10C 3 hour fire rating
  • Fastest grade for high productivity
  • 180 mintue burn test
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U232-3N

Swift®lock 2U235

  • High viscosity to reduce defection and oil canning
  • Designed for high speed production
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U235

Swift®lock 2U464

  • Bonds PVC in hot processing plant conditions
Technology Documentation
Swiftlock 2U464

Swift®therm 84521

  • Fast setting
  • Designed for lock block/rail -stile attachment
Technology Documentation
Swifttherm 84521

Swift®therm 84563

  • Tan color with good heat resistance for soft forming and high speed lines
  • Offered in tan & natural color
Technology Documentation
Swifttherm 84563

XR 2859

  • UL10C burn listing for hard to bond laminations
  • Self crosslinking type 1 for cold press

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