Woman Using Sandpaper Machine Made with H.B. Fuller Abrasive Adhesive TechnologyGlobal Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions

H.B. Fuller offers a line of applications for the abrasives market.

End product properties include:

  • Lamination (sanding machines with hook plate)

Sandpaper (paper side)

Loop fabric

  • PSA coating on paper (sanding machines with rubber plate)
  • Final requirements

High heat resistance

High shear resistance

Application techniques and product portfolio include:

  • Loop fabric / paper laminating
  • HMMC
  • Swift®lock 6507
  • Sanding machines with velcro plate
  • Coating of PSA onto paper
  • Water-based
  • Neocol™ DO 9010
  • Sanding machines with rubber plate

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