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Setting the Standard in Emergency Response Uniforms

Posted 07/26/2018 by Pierre-Yves JAUBARD, Business Development Manager Textile & Flexel

According to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), there are over 360,000 total nationally-certified EMS personnel in the United States. These healthcare professionals respond to an estimated 37 million emergency calls every year, according to Medical News Bulletin. Furthermore, there are over two million total military personnel in the United States. Additionally, recent research indicates that he number of requests to PEMS (pre-hospital emergency medical services)...

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Uncovering Adhesives at a Football Game

Posted 11/17/2017 by Abe Rezai, Vice President, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

As a member of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee, we began the year investigating all of the places where adhesives support American football. Check it out! 1. Uniforms. It wasn’t until the early 1950s that the NFL formalized a system of assigning jersey numbers, and today, those jerseys are held together by adhesives, such as H.B. Fuller’s HL9639 and 2U222 reactive hot melt technology, that provides breathable technology, soft feel, and excellent wash resistance. 2. Sh...

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