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Fighting COVID-19 with Filtration

Posted 04/28/2020 by Kevin Schneider, Business Leader, Global Membrane Separation

From simple face masks to complicated membranes used to develop vaccines, filtration is a critical component in the medical industry — an essential part in keeping people safe and in creating the solutions that save lives.

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Adhesives and Kidney Disease: H.B. Fuller Is Fighting Back

Posted 02/08/2019 by Heather Walch, Global Director, Medical Adhesives

Global adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller is passionate about perfecting adhesives that can save lives, demonstrated by the two-component urethane medical potting adhesives used in filters for dialysis patients. Learn more.

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Adhesive Innovations in an Engineer's World

Posted 05/24/2018 by Henry Beller, Building Engineer

As an engineer, working in building construction is incredibly exciting. I watch as each project unfolds, starting with plans on paper, and culminating with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new, state-of-the-art building. Here’s what a typical project looks like for me. The Big Difference There are a lot of considerations I have to take into account as my team moves through each stage of construction. Fortunately, quality adhesives are what make all the difference. I begin by ensuring...

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H.B. Fuller Introduces Product to Market That Is Revolutionizing Filtration

Man installing air filter
Posted 11/03/2016 by Mike Moren, Durable Assembly Marketing Manager

H.B. Fuller recently introduced the patent pending swift®tak Excelerator™ to market— a state-of-the-art, fast-setting water-based adhesive process system that is paving the path of filtration for the future. Having recognized a need in the market, one of our assembly technical experts decided to address the demand for a change in technology, and within a matter of a months, a prototype had been developed. This new technology system alleviates the need for using hot melt adhesives...

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