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H.B. Fuller Adhesives Showcased at ICE Grab the Attention of Thousands of Visitors

Posted 04/03/2019 by Melanie Lack, Business Manager, Tapes & Labels

Global demand for pressure sensitive adhesives is increasing, and the industry is looking for individualization, sustainability and new technologies. Here’s a glimpse of H.B. Fuller participation in ICE Europe 2019.

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Can’t Change the Weather? Adjust Adhesive Performance!

Posted 11/14/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager for the IMEE Region

Urbanization is a key trend for most countries, but for India, China and Nigeria, this means a great deal, as 35 percent of the projected growth of the world’s urban population will be concentrated in these three countries, according to the new UN report. Add to this the 374 million internet subscribers and 1.17 billion mobile subscribers, and you will understand why India’s e-commerce is booming. People’s rushed lives together with good infrastructures is a great incubator for...

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Discover global technology made for India

Posted 10/16/2018 by Harsh Gupta, Regional General Manager, IMEE Region

The tapes and labels markets are complex and dynamic, shaped by global challenges, digitization, sustainability concerns, and constantly upgrading regulatory legislation. Converters need to remain on top of all these changes, and effectively implement them to meet consumer expectations. Their biggest challenge lies in supporting the global supply chain, while meeting the expectations of brand protection, sustainable packaging and labeling, information dissemination and security.  There's m...

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