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Supporting the Education of Our Employees’ Children

Posted 10/24/2019 by H.B. Fuller

At H.B. Fuller, we understand that learning is a lifelong pursuit — it’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about helping our employees find ways to continually grow their skill sets through our employee development program. It’s also another benefit of working at H.B. Fuller — we take our employees’ goals seriously, and strive to provide them with opportunities for advancement in all aspects of their professional lives.


And, along with our employees, we believe in supporting their children’s educational endeavors as part of our commitment to help young people grow into productive, successful adults. That’s why we offer educational scholarships to our employees’ children.


Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Global Scholarship


In the 1970s, we established a scholarship program to help dependent children of eligible employees finance their post-secondary education. In 1994, the scholarship program was expanded globally and renamed the Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Global Scholarship in honor of Mr. Andersen’s 60 years of service to our company. Over the years, H.B. Fuller has awarded almost $1.6 million in scholarships to over 1,100 students.


The program is independently managed by Scholarship America, a nonprofit educational support and student aid service organization. Scholarship America evaluates applications and selects recipients based on academic achievement, future potential, leadership capabilities, work experience, educational goals, career goals, and participation in school and community activities.


Each applicant was automatically considered for the following 2019 awards:


  • Local awards – Up to 49 awards of $1,000 USD each

  • Regional awards – Four awards (one in each: AP, EIMEA, LA, NA) of up to $4,000 USD each

  • Global award – One scholarship of up to $10,000 USD awarded to the top applicant overall


And the Winners Are … 


Recently, 54 aspiring students were awarded the H.B. Fuller Elmer & Eleanor Andersen Global Scholarship. Following are the four regional award recipients and the global award recipient.


  • AP Regional Award: Billy Yang, son of Jeff Yang - Singapore  

  • EIMEA Regional Award: Neeraj Savio, son of George Savio - India  

  • LA Regional Award: Valeria Echandi, daughter of Marlise Guier – Costa Rica  

  • NA Regional Award: Gillian Hedberg, daughter of Joel Hedberg – United States of America

  • Global Award: Ngan Tran, daughter of Hung Tran - Vietnam


We’re excited for all of our award recipients, and eager to help fuel their future successes.


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