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Removable wallpaper is a new design trend made possible by microsphere technology adhesives.

Why Peel and Stick Wallpaper is the Next Design Trend

Posted 08/28/2019 by Dave Holbrook, Microsphere Technology Expert

After years of being characterized as a decorating taboo, one building and construction trend that is on the upswing is the use of wallpaper (as well as shiplap and other wall graphics and materials) to add a touch of personalization to your home décor.

Fortunately, the stress that accompanied putting up and removing wallpaper in years prior is a thing of the past, thanks to adhesive advancements like our microsphere technology that allow for an easy peel-and-stick alternative.

Three Uses for Removable Wallpaper

  1. Dorm rooms – College students can personalize their space, making them feel more at home, without permanently altering or damaging their dorm room.
  2. Classrooms – Educators can easily transform their classrooms to match the season, learning focus and more.
  3. Rental properties – Renters can update their space without damaging their rental property.

“Wallpaper is ready for its next act.”

According to The Washington Post, “Wallpaper is ready for its next act. The polarizing paint alternative… has returned to fashion thanks to ultra-stylish prints, dimensional fabrics, and new materials that make it easy to install and, yes, to remove.”

Wallpaper and other wall graphics and materials are a fun and inexpensive way to transform a room. With  microsphere adhesive technology, you can avoid the messy residue or damaging the wall surface because of its removable and repositionable properties. Unlike emulsion adhesives, microspheres have a more controlled tack, resulting in low peel and high removability. 

Our Microsphere Technology

At H.B. Fuller, our state-of-the-art technology is enabling removable wallpapers and wall graphics. The adhesive formula allows for low-maintenance removal — no more messy residues or hours spent steaming wallpaper. And with peel-and-stick removable wallpaper, the adhesive “is built right in, meaning all you have to do is unroll it, stick it up, and reposition if necessary.

And why stop at walls? Wallpaper makes a great addition to the back of cabinets, to brighten lamp shades, or to line your serving trays with a fun pop of color.

Our ready-to-go microsphere formulation, the MS3000 Series, was designed specifically for wall graphics, paper and films, decals and signage. Contact us today to discover the advantages of switching to microsphere adhesive technology, and begin enjoying the process of applying wallpaper to your space.


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