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Shoutout to Our Team during Customer Service Week

Posted 10/02/2018 by Mike Carney, Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Week is an opportunity for organizations around the world to recognize and celebrate the importance of customer service excellence. Held October 1-5 this year, we at H.B. Fuller understand that the longstanding and deep customer relationships that we hold are our organizational cornerstone.

We also understand that our superior customer service is a competitive advantage, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the many ways that our Customer Service Team goes above and beyond to make our customers happy.

Here’s a little more about them.

The H.B. Fuller Customer Service Team

The H.B. Fuller Customer Service Team is the first point of contact for clients for any kind of request, such as orders, complaints, legal questions, and regulatory matters. The team links the two worlds—that of H.B. Fuller and the customer. It’s a critical touchpoint that sets the tone for a positive experience throughout the engagement.

The 39-member team in EIMEA, for example, collectively speaks nine languages so as to ensure the highest quality communication and let customers know that they are important. The North America team, on the other hand, meets weekly to review customer feedback so the team is well acquainted with success stories on a consistent basis. They also have a department communication board where they display these comments for all to see as they better familiarize themselves with the “voice of the customer.”

In Latin America, the team works with customers across the entire region, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Central America and Mexico, enabling team members to learn about other cultures, policies and interesting facts about each country. In fact, every year each Customer Service Specialist visits with the commercial team in another country in order to better understand the customer’s requirements, visit their warehouses to learn more about plant operations, and overall build a stronger, more intimate relationship.

Due to the variety of requests and the number of teams and departments that the Customer Service team works with, members are required to have an excellent understanding of the organization and knowledge of its products.

The H.B. Fuller Customer Service Team, together with the account managers, know the customers better than anyone else in the company. They understand the issues, concerns and expectations, as customers are their top priority. They collaborate with clients every day by phone and email, delivering what they expect and building strong relationships that foster trust and loyalty.

Dedicated to their businesses and helping them achieve their goals, the Customer Service Team furthermore acts as counsels of the clients, making sure that all requests are responded to promptly. Additionally, the team serves as H.B. Fuller ambassadors, representing the organization’s values to the external world, and ensuring the brand experience has a positive impact on what they feel about H.B. Fuller.


What Sets Us Apart


Relationships, both internal and external, are what make us different. We are able to cultivate strong relationships with our customers which increases our ability to problem solve, meet customer requirements, communicate delays with sensitivity, provide solutions, and offer top-notch service based on their unique business needs.


Our customers are appreciative that we help them solve their adhesion challenges day in and day out by developing solutions that enable them to improve their processes, introduce new processes, and look to new, innovative products.


We continuously advocate for our customers within the walls of H.B. Fuller. According to one customer, H.B. Fuller provided “excellent support to our plants and regional teams. H.B. Fuller provided breakthrough collaboration in Asia to localize raw materials and drive value. [H.B.] Fuller’s proven global supply footprint and agility to support our needs is evident.”


The H.B. Fuller Customer Service Team holds a unique position within the organization, where providing superior service is as important as providing superior products. We are grateful for our global Customer Service Team that ensures our clients are happy so that we can continue to focus on our mission to

to be a leading worldwide formulator, manufacturer and marketer of technology-driven specialty chemical products and related services and solutions.

See what our customers are saying below, and find out for yourself just how great the Customer Service Team is by contacting them now.


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