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Adhesive Innovations in an Engineer's World

Posted 05/24/2018 by Henry Beller, Building Engineer

As an engineer, working in building construction is incredibly exciting. I watch as each project unfolds, starting with plans on paper, and culminating with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new, state-of-the-art building.

Here’s what a typical project looks like for me.

The Big Difference

There are a lot of considerations I have to take into account as my team moves through each stage of construction. Fortunately, quality adhesives are what make all the difference.

I begin by ensuring that the building will be structurally sound by making sure that the walls and flooring are properly constructed. My team utilizes the proper surface prep products for stone, carpet, vinyl and wood installations, thereby laying the groundwork to create a functional and beautiful space. We also utilize high-quality thermal insulation and HVAC materials as we continue construction, and our product line of panel lamination adhesives allows bonding of a wide range of materials to wood.

Once the foundation for the structure is laid, I consider the roof and what commercial building materials are best to keep out the elements. At that point, we incorporate the interior sections of the building, making sure that the products we use are helping to create an overall more sustainable structure. This includes looking to the broad range of high-performance industrial adhesives for commercial doors as well as the variety of trusted solutions available to ensure we’re utilizing long-lasting, energy-efficient and beautiful windows for the application.

Another major factor in which I’m involved is the
building filtration—everything from the internal plumbing to the way in which rainwater will be pumped from around the premises. Finally, I get to participate in the office furniture selection process, making sure that each piece complements the building aesthetics.

The Greatest Impact

I was really proud to hear about the work from H.B. Fuller, where employees are passionate about making the lives of our customers easier. For building engineers, like me, that means solving for the problems you encounter every day, such as working to make a structure more energy efficient or LEED® certified. Or, by making the choice in structural adhesives a simple one by offering only the best, highest-quality products. Or, in helping to improve the lives of those who will utilize the space by providing them with sealant solutions that have been proven to help enhance indoor air quality.

Creating solutions that allow for environmental friendliness, efficient processing, and overall savings for their customers, is just one of the ways that the entire H.B. Fuller family is working to make building engineers’ jobs easier. From lightweight materials to energy efficient solutions to products that create a healthier living environment, their team is eager to take on your next adhesive challenge.

Henry Beller, Building Engineer Henry Beller

As adhesive innovations continue to help us tackle some of the world’s biggest issues today and in the future, we’ll continue to better understand how oftentimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact. Talk to us about some of the challenges you’re currently facing as you continue to tackle engineering projects.


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