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Accelerate Innovation at CIDPEX18

Posted 05/07/2018 by Catherine Huang, Hygiene Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific

CIDPEX 18 held on Apr 18-20 in Nanjing was a great success. The three-day event attracted nearly 800 exhibitors and more than 30,000 visitors from China and abroad, providing a great audience to showcase the latest innovations and market trends in disposable hygiene product design and manufacturing.

At H.B. Fuller, we are “Accelerating Innovation” by continuing to partner closely with our Chinese and Asia Pacific hygiene customers. This market is thriving, and competition is fierce. In order to be outstanding among hundreds of hygiene brands, you’d better differentiate.

Trend towards lower odor and lower VOC

The demand for lower odor products continues to increase across Asia, and H.B. Fuller has specifically developed new adhesives that can meet the highest standard of low odor and low VOC.

Trend towards super - soft nonwovens

Most industry experts seem to agree that Asian consumers set the bar for softness required in disposable hygiene products. At H.B. Fuller, we offer a seamless balance of super softness and excellent bonding properties with our Full-CareTM 5188 high-performance construction adhesive and Full-CareTM 8008, a premium elastic adhesive with best-in-class creep resistance. Both products have been tailor-made for more difficult substrates, such as super-soft nonwovens. And, both offer low odor and light color.

Other Innovations

At this year’s CIDPEX exhibition, we also showcased several high-performing adhesive technologies that are enabling next generation disposable hygiene product design. Solutions presented include: ConformaTM stretchable adhesive that enhances style and fit; the Full-Care 9500 series, our newest wetness indicator that provides a fast-changing, distinct blue color, alerting care takers that a fresh diaper is needed; and award-winning adhesives for super core integrity.

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