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Innovation that Matters

Posted 07/17/2018 by Abe Rezai, Vice President, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

As one of H.B. Fuller’s core competencies, innovation is a vital, guiding principle in every aspect of our business. By considering what’s possible, our exceptional team around the world continually looks ahead, identifying current and future technical market opportunities and developing solutions to solve product design and adhesion challenges.

In 2017, we worked with customers to solve their adhesion problems and introduced more than 100 products to market. Two of those products in particular are exceptional examples of how we help customers improve their processes and products.

In January, our Construction Products segment launched RollFast™, a breakthrough, high-performance, vinyl flooring adhesive that makes installations quicker and more effective. Rather than applying the adhesive by hand while kneeling on the ground, installers simply roll the adhesive onto the floor from a standing position.

We also introduced our patent-pending, low-temperature-cure, enhanced-reliability adhesive chemistry, which improves camera module assembly in mobile device manufacturing. This active alignment adhesive meets a wide range of application requirements, supporting consumer demand for thinner, lighter and more durable mobile devices.

Passion for Perfecting Adhesive Solutions

Our desire to innovate is directly related to our passion for perfecting adhesive solutions that improve lives around the world, and our focus on the ever-changing durable and consumer goods markets drives our investment in acquiring technical expertise. With the addition of Royal Adhesives, for example, we have expanded our portfolio in fast-growing, highly specified segments:

  • Our transportation businesses are now able to provide adhesive solutions for the entire vehicle, including metal-to-rubber bonding, fuel tank and fuselage sealing, electronics applications, interior trim and panel lamination, interior and exterior lighting assembly, powertrain under the hood, and exterior structural bonding.

  • We now offer a product for every type of insulating glass – from domestic windows where energy ratings are critical to the most advanced structural glazing as seen in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

  • Our new commercial roofing business is the leading supplier of low-VOC membrane bonding and insulation adhesives, both of which support our customers’ sustainability goals.

Whether through development in our labs or through the acquisition of new technology and expertise, innovation is the lifeblood of our business and is accelerating our profitable growth strategy.

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