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Worldwide Supplier of Adhesives in the Automotive Industry

Posted 02/13/2018 by Matt McGreevy, Global Director, Transportation


As a leading global supplier of automotive adhesives and sealants, H.B. Fuller knows what it takes to support multinational manufacturers of vehicles and parts. Being global means having our world-class products and services available where and when our customers need them. Our strong manufacturing and logistics network is the framework that yields the most important attribute of a global supplier - the ability to deliver locally.

A shorter supply chain translates into reliable, responsive service at the lowest possible overall cost to our customers. It also means the rapid worldwide deployment of H.B. Fuller's most exciting automotive adhesive and sealant innovations. For example, several key milestones H.B. Fuller reached last year address the growing global demand for interior trim lamination adhesives that will bond to unprimed polypropylene.

  • Successful scale-up and commercialization in Nienburg, Germany, of Swift®lock 2003, a reactive polyolefin hot melt adhesive for high heat resistance (120oC) applications such as instrument panels (cockpits) and “close to vehicle window” applications.
  • Successful scale-up and commercialization in the United States and Europe of Swift®Therm 2699, a thermoplastic polyolefin hot melt adhesive for medium to high heat applications (90-110oC) such as top rolls and door panels.

The steady growth of polypropylene as cost-effective, lightweight solution for instrument panels, door panels and consoles has created a strong demand for automotive interior trim adhesives that will bond to unprimed polypropylene. Eliminating the surface treatment step saves time and energy while reducing complexity.  Our newest offerings provide the performance and processing edge that our customers need.


H.B. Fuller and Royal Adhesives and Sealants Logo

H.B. Fuller’s automotive adhesive technologies will continue to expand, having recently acquired Royal Adhesives & Sealants (“Royal”), a leading manufacturer of high-value specialty adhesives and sealants.  With the addition of Royal's methyl methacrylate, polysulfide, and epoxies and specialty sealant competencies,  automotive OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) can now rely on support from H.B. Fuller for the entire vehicle—from interior laminating and assembly to exterior lighting and trim, and from structural bonding and powertrain bonding, sealing and thread locking to under-the-hood electronics and rubber-to-metal bonding. 

The complete global approach for the Product Management organization within the automotive industry will continue into 2018 and beyond. New technologies, a focused organization and a strong innovation pipeline ensure that H.B. Fuller's automotive product portfolio expansion momentum continues, all toward delivering value for our customers, both globally and locally.

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