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10 reasons to use adhesives in your product design.

10 Reasons to Consider Adhesives in Your Product Design

Posted 08/22/2018 by Kimberlee Sinclair, Director Global Communications

High-quality adhesives continue to improve lives by enabling the next generation of product development. Here are ten reasons how H.B. Fuller’s adhesives are doing just that.

1. Clean Water

Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the people on the planet. At H.B. Fuller, we are passionate about creating membrane separation adhesives that are designed to help remove contamination and provide clean drinking water.

2. Keeps Food Fresh

54 percent of food is lost between harvest and consumption, so it is important to utilize adhesive solutions that enable new packaging applications and product packaging solutions for a variety of different environmental conditions.

3. Improved Quality of Life for an Aging Population

A steadily growing, active older generation continues to drive demand for nonwoven, high-performance hygiene adhesives.

4. Overall Safer Products

Adhesives overall can increase the relative safety of products, including providing access to emergency inflatable slides on airplanes and ships, and innovative solutions for electric vehicle battery module crash protection.

5. Connecting People Faster

Whether it’s our full line of adhesive applications in sporting goods, including RV manufacturing, or our delivering lighter, thinner mobile electronics devices with ever greater processing power, we’re helping connect people to one another faster.

6. Energy Efficiency

Nothing makes the winters warmer or the summer heat more bearable than energy efficient windows, and we help manufacturers worldwide create long-lasting, energy-efficient and beautiful windows for any design or application. We also continue to make innovations in solar power.

7. Increased Athletic Performance

Given our years of experience developing textile adhesives that meet today's diverse standards and demands in the industry worldwide, it is little wonder that our lightweight, breathable, and comfortable smart textiles are where fashion and technology meet.

8. Peace of Mind for Parents

Given the level of activity and changing lifestyles of babies around the world, there is a need—now more than ever—for modern diapers to be leak-free and comfortable. As we continue to advance diaper innovation in the hygiene market, such as thinner cores and wetness indicators, we’re meeting the changing demand of end users.

9. Packaging that Meets Demand

Because of the growing global trend toward online retail packaging that meets fast-changing customer demands, we created our Sesame line of opening and closing technologies to empower your packaging with functionalities that delight customers.

10. Improving People's Lives

Sometimes the smallest things have the largest effects. By creating innovations in adhesives, we’re helping tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world—now and in the future.

Learn more about how H.B. Fuller continues to perfect adhesives that are changing the world, and contact us today.

Infographic: 10 Reasons to Consider Adhesives in Your Product Design 


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