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Sesame Tape Reinforcement

Real Benefits from In-the-board Tape Reinforcement

Posted 04/10/2018 by Asuka Westbrook, Market Manager, Adhesive Coated Solutions

Corrugated box consumption is forecasted to steadily increase during the next five years according to a report by Smithers Pira. All types of products—from fresh and frozen foods to electrical goods—are shipped in corrugated boxes because it is the most economical and sustainable choice, which is increasing the need for tape reinforcement.

Manufacturers rely on corrugated boxes to protect their products until they arrive at their final destination. The box needs to maintain its appearance and integrity to help support the brand image. This is becoming more challenging as linerboard continues to increase in recycled fiber content.

Sesame® Tape reinforces boxes, giving them increased stacking strength and preventing bursting. This tape reinforcement therefore protects the box contents throughout demanding supply chain. In addition to product protection, Sesame Tape can optimize the basis weight using the strength gained from tape reinforcement. The box can be lighter while maintaining its performance. Tape reinforcement has been shown to reduce product waste and protect merchandise.

Improve stacking performance

Bulge and burst reduction is a visible benefit from Sesame Tape reinforcement. However, the real benefit is stacking performance improvement. Bulged packaging causes leaning loads and can become hazardous in a warehouse. Sesame Tape reinforcement can reduce the bulge to improve stacking performance of your packaging, protect the contents, and help create a safer work environment.

Tougher in harsh conditions

Sesame Tape reinforcement increases box performance throughout harsh supply chains. A reinforced corrugated box can perform well even in moist and frozen conditions. This technology has already been supporting the frozen food and seafood industry by reducing product loss from packaging failure.

Optimize box cost

Sesame Tape reinforcement supports linerboard optimization. This reinforcement technology can be leveraged for total box cost reduction, helping you to win more business with a more sustainable and cost effective corrugated box.

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