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Schematic of a visual camera module.

H.B. Fuller’s Active Alignment Adhesives for Camera Module Assembly

Posted 03/13/2017 by Paul Gleeson, Product Manager, Electronics

H.B. Fuller’s Active Alignment Adhesives for Camera Module Assembly

At H.B. Fuller, we continually look ahead, identifying current and future technical market challenges and helping to solve design and adhesion challenges, and our recently introduced Active Alignment (AA) adhesives support an ever-changing and improving personal electronics market.

Our Active Alignment adhesive technology enables exceptional delivery of both existing and next-generation camera module bonding solutions, particularly since customers demand that electronic device manufacturers create products that are thinner, lighter, and more durable—all while preventing the compromise of performance, functionality, and overall quality. 

The High-Performance Lens Active Alignment Adhesives

We introduced the high-performance lens active alignment adhesives to market while at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, California, further expanding our product portfolio to serve growing demand in electronics markets around the world. The EA6400 Series was designed specifically for camera module assembly, and our patent-pending LOTERA (Low Temperature Cure Enhanced Reliability Adhesive) allows H.B. Fuller to target a specific glass transition temperature (Tg) to any given customer requirement, ensuring a stable product storage modulus in the standard operating range of the device. 

The EA6400 Series offer customers a one-part, premixed adhesive solution, which is formulated to offer high UV penetration at short UV exposure times. The formulation furthermore targets specific camera module substrates while the high Tg capability enables a more reliable bond.

The H.B. Fuller Difference

We leverage our 130 years of experience as a global adhesives innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider to help our customers imagine, create, design and produce tomorrow’s electronics. With our global track record of recognizing trends and developing adhesive solutions, we successfully address industry challenges and changing market needs, particularly in the fast-growing electronics markets. 

To learn more about H.B. Fuller’s high performance adhesive solutions designed to respond to challenging application needs for electronic devices, contact us today!


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