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Safety First, the H.B. Fuller Way

Safety First, Always: That’s the H.B. Fuller Way

Posted 04/04/2017 by Mike Neal, Director - Global Environmental Health and Safety

Safety is one of H.B. Fuller’s number one priorities because nothing we do is worth the risk of getting injured. We cherish each and every one of our employees and are adamant about providing a safe work environment.

Consider the below hypothetical story about an H.B. Fuller employee who does his part to ensure that he plays an active role in safety on the job. 

A (Safe) Day in the Life of an H.B. Fuller Production Worker

John is a production worker in one of the H.B. Fuller factories. While working one day, he notices some spilled liquid on the ground, and immediately marks the area with safety cones to prevent anyone from slipping. He then informs his manager, who directs maintenance crews to assess the situation and address the mess.
Later that day, John approaches an area of the factory where personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn. Before entering the space, he puts on a safety vest, gloves, hard hat and goggles. John is now ready to get to work, properly outfitted and prepared in advance should a mishap occur.
Just as John begins to wrap things up for the day, a forklift drives by, and John motions for the driver to honk his horn as he begins to turn a corner. This is a precautionary method employed at H.B. Fuller to ensure that any bystanders in the area are well aware that a forklift is nearby.
John returns home that evening having had a productive (and safe) day at work.

H.B. Fuller Safety Goals

At H.B. Fuller, we believe that nothing we do is worth getting hurt for … nothing. Our goal is for every one of our employees to return home each day in the same condition in which he or she arrived at work. We recognize that employees are the lifeblood of our organization, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the tools and resources necessary to keep their working environments free from danger. Our results reflect this. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Adhesive Industry Recordable Injury Incidence Rate is 2.5; for the last five years, H.B. Fuller’s rate has been <1.0 (in 2016, that number was 0.81.)  The safety cultural survey conducted last year indicated our culture is stronger than many other companies.
Because to us, community responsibility doesn’t just mean that we participate in global volunteerism and corporate giving initiatives. It means that we take responsibility for the safety of our employees, such as by holding quarterly training sessions designed to revisit important safety protocols, and setting safety goals that exceed industry averages.
To learn more, read our Global Responsibility Report.



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