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Bringing Global Expertise to Indian Tapes and Labels Manufacturers

Posted 11/15/2016 by Melanie Lack, Business Development Manager, Tapes and Labels

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) can come as permanent or removable solutions and be combined with a variety of substrates. According to the Wise Guy report, the global PSA market is expected to reach $8,602.85 million by 2020 showing a compound annual growth rate of 6.3 percent. Asia-Pacific stands with a market share of 56 percent due to thriving economic conditions.

Technology is accompanying this growth. A major example are radio-frequency identification labels, one of the largest applications of PSAs, offering uses such as item tracking and inventory or security control.

Giving India access to global PSA innovation

We continue to invest in our adhesive manufacturing capabilities for the Indian tape, label and graphics market. For example, did you know that our plant in Shirwal, Pune, is equipped with hot melt PSA manufacturing facilities? Interestingly, our R&D team based in Shirwal works closely with our experts at the Lüneburg Adhesive Academy, Germany – by connecting our products, processes and expertise we help customers deliver the things that matter to people all over the world.

Additionally, we produce solvent-based PSAs at our specialised facility in Pianezze, Italy, plus water-based PSAs, formulated using proprietary polymers, in Mindelo, Portugal. All facilities are well positioned to offer customised products to suit a variety of application requirements for local markets, such as India.

PSA expertise for multiple applications

Our extensive range of hot melt, solvent-based and water-based formulations serve a variety of tape, label and protective film applications. Our capabilities include the creation of unique compounded adhesives, using in-house polymerisation, which deliver enhanced performance for specific applications.

In the hot melt PSA category we have permanent adhesion products for a variety of tapes, labels and other uses, and for differing circumstances. Swift®melt 1911 delivers high adhesion across a wide range of challenging substrates and conditions making it ideal for tyre labels, holographic labels and chilled or wet conditions. Lunatack™ HL 2838 performs well on self-adhesive courier bags and double-sided tapes for the packaging industry, providing a clear film with good heat resistance.

Our solvent-based PSAs include a number of Swift®col products which can be used for clear-on-clear labels, giving a fashionable and permanent ‘no-label’ impression. Our Swift®col range is also used for double-sided foam tapes. The precise choice of product depends on requirements, such as polymer-based type, facestock and substrate materials, ageing resistance and the balance between tack, adhesion and cohesion.

If you’re looking for beverage labels, you can choose from our Fulltak™ water-based PSA solutions. Fulltak™ SE 8301, for example, has been formulated to keep bottle labels in position, allowing the branding on beverages to remain intact, despite widely varying temperature and humidity – including a two-hour soak in ice-water. When necessary for recycling, the labels can be removed easily using a normal, warm, caustic wash-off process.

Together with other H.B. Fuller technical and R&D centres and field staff around the world, we form a global network of expertise that feeds through to all our local teams and customers. This level of backing, together with our broad market knowledge and industry experience, places our Indian technical and sales staff in an excellent position to advise manufacturers in the region.

Be sure to stop by booth F25, Hall 3, LabelExpo India 2016 in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and learn how to leverage our global expertise for your success.


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