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H.B. Fuller's hygiene coater in Luneburg, Germany.

H.B. Fuller Employee Spotlight in the EIMEA Hygiene Business Unit

Posted 05/17/2016 by Lynne Purvis, EIMEA Hygiene Marketing Manager

 We recently sat down with Joachim Baumung, H.B. Fuller’s Adhesive Academy Hygiene Application Center Manager in Luneburg, Germany. Joachim is part of the team of experts responsible for running the laminating coaters in the hygiene machine hall. The coaters, which are key to providing customer simulation of their lines, also enable testing on new substrates, new product development, and are used for troubleshooting purposes.

Having started working for H.B. Fuller in 1979, Joachim has held a variety of positions, including in Quality Control, Research and Development for paper packaging, and then moved to Hygiene in 1986 (where he has been working since). For 13 years he worked to support the development of new products using standard roller coaters until 1999, when H.B. Fuller introduced and installed a full-sized pilot coater capable of 500 meters/minute, the first time a coater had been designed specifically for hygiene adhesives. Even at that time, this first industrial-sized coater was able run faster than the industry, and enabled H.B. Fuller to develop new technologies to meet higher line speeds and be the first with market changing adhesives.

Recognizing the Adhesive Application Need in the Marketplace

Joachim and the team recognized that line speeds were getting even faster in the hygiene marketplace as customers started demanding higher line efficiency and optimal speeds to help drive costs down. That’s where our latest high speed laminating coater used to accelerate hygiene adhesives product development comes in. Not only was Joachim part of the team that was instrumental in identifying the coater from BICOMA that would be capable of delivering line speeds reaching 1000 meters/minute, but he also made sure that it had all of the bells and whistles, including leading edge control at high speeds, easy handling to change and adjust application nozzles, and modern tension control to support use with thinner nonwovens and film materials. Furthermore, it has the ability to use full-sized rolled goods from customers for ease of supplying substrate samples.

Taking Our Coating Capabilities to the Next Level

The entire process, from identifying needs, designing, and final installation of the new line, took careful planning. Joachim was an integral part in every step of this process, and today the new coater stands in the new hygiene machine hall in the Luneburg, Germany Academy alongside the original coater, which we have since upgraded so that we have full flexibility with both coaters to provide an enhanced level of service to our customers.

It has been a highly fulfilling journey to identify the future needs of our customers and then realize the final result with a state-of-the-art coater, which has become the centerpiece of our technical capabilities and an exciting step towards the future. The response from customers when they visit the line has already been phenomenal as they explain to us how impressed they are of the full capability and flexibility of the coater, reinforcing our decision to make this investment as we continue to successfully address the needs of today and tomorrow.

Preparing for the Future

H.B. Fuller is committed to using top-of-the-line technology. We are passionate about having faster line speeds and improved products, because we know that’s what it takes to make our customers’ jobs easier and save them time and money. By running the new coater and then documenting the optimal settings for our customers, we provide a real customer advantage and a truly differentiated experience.

Joachim is one of the many H.B. Fuller employees who embodies the spirit of innovation that we are so passionate about, and that leads to better products and services for our customers. He, along with the rest of the H.B. Fuller family, is excited to identify the hygiene adhesive needs of tomorrow through utilizing our latest innovative investment to connect what matters for our customers.

That’s what makes H.B Fuller your partner of choice.

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