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Adhesive Solutions for the Graphic Arts Market

Posted 05/24/2016 by Judith Liddle, Marketing Manager, Converting Solutions

The increase in automation and technology allows today’s bookbinders to meet the rising market demand for shorter runs and quicker turnarounds. Complementarily, book and brochure producers consistently seek to meet an end user’s needs. With that in mind, H.B. Fuller set out to address the rise in print dominance, and what that means for adhesives in the graphic arts market.

The Rise in Print Dominance

Recent research by Smashwords indicates that, despite the digital rise, print still remains the most popular format with 70 percent of the book market. Reasons that may explain this print dominance include the growing relationship between science fiction books and the film industry, the 20 percent growth of independent bookstores that are able to take higher risks with smaller print runs and create an intimate relationship with readers, the demand for customized solutions adapted to user’s preferences, and the more recent trend of adult coloring books.

In addition, as travel becomes more accessible in our highly globalizedworld, at least half of young travellers are believed to only update their social media accounts a few times per week, and WiFi is rated as less important than expected when travelling, versus books and notebooks. This may also explain the growing bridge between analogue and digital with solutions that allow a paper-to-digital user experience.

Finally, there is increasing awareness and concern about sustainability in all industries, which is putting further pressure on companies for efficient and environmentally-friendly long-term solutions. A recent CEO survey by Inclusive Capitalism (Inc-Cap) reports that 24 percent of global companies have recently included sustainability goals as part of their corporate strategy, in response to stakeholder and market expectations. In summary, the graphic arts market will keep demanding highly performant, versatile and sustainable adhesives solutions.

Connect Your Business with a Competitive Edge

To bring in-demand products to market, you need a partner with technical expertise that understands today’s bookbinding industry and graphic arts market. You need a partner that can help you deliver the products your customers want and provide the valuable support your business needs. At H.B. Fuller, we tailor our product and process innovations to meet our customers’ critical needs, such as enhancing product quality and increasing efficiency and production output. Our problem solving-power can add measurable value to your bookbinding project, and we’re excited to introduce the Swift®lock LT 8500 adhesive that can improve the binding strength of your publication.

DRUPA 2016

We’re excited to be in attendance at DRUPA 2016, May 31-June 10, Düsseldorf, Germany, and to showcase our Swift®lock LT 8500 adhesive. Our new high performance, polyurethane, reactive hot melt adhesive is designed specifically for spine gluing and gluing-off operations, both for soft and hardcover books. Its tough yet flexible properties enable the high quality reading experience modern readers demand while still keeping its outstanding page pull values across a wide variety of paper qualities, even under challenging transport and weather conditions.

Swift®lock LT 8500 delivers fast strength development on many difficult to bond paper stocks, such as wood free, glossy, high weight and matt-coated papers. Plus, it quickly delivers visible strong bind quality only a few minutes after binding and ensures book integrity along the conveyor belt, allowing for quick trimming and packing of straight-edged brochures and books.

Stop by our booth and discover how we collaborate with customers to develop innovative and sustainable adhesive solutions in the graphic arts industry. Find out how manufacturers are using our multi-functional adhesives to support and even enhance the performance of the final product. 


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