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Adhesive Innovation and Trends in the Film to Print Industry

Posted 06/06/2016 by Judith Liddle, Marketing Manager, Converting Solutions

Adhesive Innovation for the Film to Print Industry

With the rise of technological developments, coupled with the fact that the percentage of active internet users is expected to grow 21 percent on a yearly basis, the demand for conventional print reduces while new opportunities for digital print rise. 

On the other hand, with the expected growth of the world’s population for the next 30 years, the demand for print on developing nations in particular is forecasted to grow. In fact, despite the rapid growth of digital print, most printers state the highest turnover is still being generated by conventional print solutions.

As audiences continue becoming more fragmented, advertisers and publishers are progressively embracing niche marketing and one-to-one relationships, as opposed to the traditional mass-market approach. This means that the future of the global printing and cross media solutions industry depends largely on a manufacturer’s ability to adapt to a consumers’ changing demands with state-of-the-art technologies, new products, integrated print applications, diversified service patterns and new sales channels.

Film to Print Market Forecast

According to the second Drupa Global Trends and Global Insights Reports 2015, print manufacturers and suppliers around the world are optimistic about their companies’ economic prospects, regardless of current challenging economic conditions in some of the world’s regions. Their economic position is forecasted to improve between 48 and 51 percent. 

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that demands placed on printers continue to increase and diversify. Printers need to be able to focus on their key, value added activities, and the adhesive needs to consistently perform. 

Swift®tak 8043 film to print adhesive does just that. 

The Swift®tak 8043

Launched in the market in 2015, the Swift®tak 8043 adhesive for the film to print industry quickly demonstrated its superior performance in this demanding application. Developed using proprietary polymer technology, Swift®tak 8043 delivers superb adhesion to the drying inks, including metallized and digital, and ensures that the visual print quality and customers brand identity is maintained. It furthermore is optically clear at standard and high coatweights, is APEO free, and achieves excellent finish, low silvering and deep color density. 

Since film to print work often has to be turned around quickly, Swift®tak 8043 provides immediate and robust adhesion on typical substrates, while delivering excellent deep embossing and strong creasing performance. The adhesive furthermore enables you to confidently laminate, process and ship to fast turnaround customer deadlines. It has excellent machine cleanliness, low odor and minimal foaming on the machine itself. Additionally, there is no presence of grit formation and build up. And for very demanding work, Swift®tak 8043 performance can be boosted as a two-part system using Swift®hardener 8100.

H.B. Fuller—Your Partner of Choice

Bringing the latest products to market requires partnering with experts who understand today’s dynamic film to print industry. And since film to print is a challenging, fast-paced industry, Swift®tak 8043 should be your organization’s adhesive of choice for consistent, high performance that enables you and your team to focus on value added activities.

Learn more about our Swift®tak 8043 adhesive by stopping by our booth at DRUPA 2016.


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