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Best Innovator China Award

Best Innovator China Award Celebrates H.B. Fuller Achievements and Best Practices

Posted 02/26/2016 by Zhiwei Cai, Vice President, Engineering Adhesives

Zhiwei Cai received the award from Jury Mr. Song Yang, Deputy Chief Editor, Business Week.

Group photo for all winners and the award jury.


Innovation is becoming increasingly important to China’s economy, and companies that innovate are taking center stage. Not only are they critical to the country’s economic health, their differentiated products and ideas can become serious competitors in the global marketplace. 

For nearly 130 years, innovation also has been a key value driving H.B. Fuller’s success. On January 21, we were honored to receive a Best Innovator China 2015 Award in Innovating through Chinese M&A category.  Not only does this award represent our commitment to China and to strong innovation partnerships and best practices, it demonstrates we are making a positive impact on the industries and business communities in which we operate. 

We have taken many steps to strengthen our business in China in recent years, including acquiring TONSON Adhesive, Inc. in 2015. This acquisition provided us with a powerful combination of global resources and advanced adhesive technologies. The Best Innovator China Award, presented by A.T. Kearney, recognizes our work to fast-track engineering adhesives innovation in the automobile, electronics, solar, wind, MRO, appliance and heavy machinery markets from China to the rest of the world following this acquisition. 

The capabilities we acquired with TONSON helped us to accelerate product and process innovation in fast-growing markets that demand breakthrough solutions. For example, in the electronics market, we helped customers break through the limitations imposed by conventional bonding solutions. And in the solar photovoltaic (PV) market, our instant sealing silicone adhesives have increased production speed and capacity. You can read more about how we are working with the other industries to enhance their products’ properties and performance.

The Best Innovator program doesn’t just recognize innovation achievement, but also management practices that lead to sustainable innovation success. At H.B. Fuller, creating an innovation culture and encouraging and rewarding possibility thinking and creative problem solving is a priority. 

We are delighted to be named a Best Innovator by A.T. Kearney. This recognition validates we are living our commitment in China to discover, develop and deliver innovative, customer-focused solutions that have global impact.


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