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Packaging Trends and Innovations in the Emerging Market of Africa

Posted 12/10/2016 by Tom Meek, Business Director, Africa


H.B. Fuller continues to expand its presence in the emerging market on the African continent while simultaneously addressing packaging trends and innovations to address the demands of consumers there.

Population growth in Africa is the root of these new trends and innovations, and H.B. Fuller continues creating state-of-the-art solutions. In particular, products and services in the food and beverage market are in high demand, and H.B. Fuller is leading the way in providing adhesive solutions for the packaging industry. This encompasses water-based and hot melt labelling adhesives, end-of-line hot melts for case closing, as well as a full range of flexible packaging products.

The right adhesive makes a world of difference.
H.B. Fuller is also working to ensure that our adhesives facilitate the best product outcome, including such considerations as package attractiveness, shape, and functionality. This is particularly important to brand owners who want to be certain that the adhesives used do not adversely affect their product packaging (and even the products themselves).

Already H.B. Fuller has made particularly large investments in both Nairobi and Cairo, including new production and testing equipment, so as to increase capacity and enhance product consistency. All of this is done in an effort to address needs at the local level while simultaneously allowing for modifications to be made on site. 

Demand for greater sustainability.
In addition to considerations like packaging attractiveness and functionality, H.B. Fuller is responding to consumers’ and governments’ call for greater sustainability. The right choice of adhesive can be the key to improved profits and competitiveness.

Some of these more sustainable benefits that may be facilitated by the adhesive are:

  • Improvement in the efficiency of operations
  • Reduction of adhesive consumption
  • Use of new, light-weight materials and reliable bonding
  • Reducing energy consumption by applying adhesives at lower temperatures 
  • Minimizing machine maintenance requirements thanks to clean running adhesives

Furthermore, H.B. Fuller produces state-of-the-art laminating adhesives for efficient creation of flexible packaging, another way that packaging material consumption is reduced.

Africa’s thriving brewery industry.
H.B. Fuller’s bottle labelling products, namely the Swift®tak range of water-based adhesives, are ideally suited for the thriving brewery market in Africa. Not only are they designed to uphold the beverage manufacturer’s brand image with high resistance to condensation and ice water, they also allow the label to be easily removed during the bottle recycling processes.

H.B. Fuller is fully equipped to provide solutions to each brewery with regards to their specific challenges. Furthermore, these solutions reflect the continent’s consumers’ environmentally-conscious attitudes, demonstrated by the amount of box manufacturers who are using more renewable and biodegradable materials. Specifically, H.B. Fuller’s broad range of Advantra® premium hot melt adhesives are formulated to hold together lightweight boards. Not only does the environment benefit, but also the manufacturers’ bottom line from reduced lower adhesive consumption and less waste.

For more information about our growing investment in Africa, read the article here.


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