EternaBond® Foam Gasket Tape (FGT)

RV window seal.

H.B. Fuller is a total solutions provider to the RV and transportation industries. EternaBond ® Foam Gasket Tape is a game-changing hybrid solution featuring multiple sealing technologies applied in one time saving step.

From H.B. Fuller, EternaBond Foam Gasket Tape conforms and compresses between non-uniform gaps and it has elastic memory to fill oversized gaps, bonding to both the body and the frame that is being attached to it.  Helping you create a barrier to prevent leakage without the need for a secondary seal.  There are many advantages to using EternaBond Foam Gasket Tape that include:

  • Reliable primary seal that eliminates need for cap sealing
  • Proven track record in Automotive gasketing for 30+ years
  • High tack adhesive allows for single person install
  • 100% Solids - Zero VOC
  • High grade butyl will not cold or hot flow eliminating unsightly ‘oozing’


EternaBond Foam Gasket Tape Video

Water leaks are a quality nightmare that damage your integrity and your bottom line and tired old remedies won’t solve the problem. 

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