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Pallet Stabilization
Adhesive Technology

Reduce transport packaging

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Reduce Transport Packaging

Prevent pallet loads from shifting
during transit

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Palletization Adhesives

Grip corrugated cases, bags and
shrink-wrapped bottles into place

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers are increasingly seeking to design products with a waste-out approach—including reducing transport packaging such as stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap, which is wrapped around pallets of finished product, is a polyethylene plastic that some parts of the world do not recycle. Packaging and continuous improvement engineers at many large CPG brands are seeking an earth-friendly alternative to stretch wrap. 

Reduce excess packaging and help the planet with palletization adhesives. When applied to the top of finished goods packaging, H.B. Fuller adhesives grip corrugated cases, bags and shrink-wrapped bottles into place and prevent pallet loads from shifting during transit—reducing the need to use plastic stretch wrap for pallet stability.

Palletization adhesives:

  • Allow packaging to easily separate when ready for merchandising.
  • Do not burn, tear or blemish packaging.
  • Remove easily.
  • Reduce the need for slip sheets and stretch wrap to stabilize pallet loads of product.
  • Lower cost of in-store or warehouse handling, disposing, sorting or recycling of slip sheets and stretch film.
  • Reduce excess product packaging and consumption of plastic stretch wrap.
  • Leverage H.B. Fuller patented process for palletizing shrink-wrapped bottles.

Benefits of Palletization Adhesives:

  • Ensures product doesn’t slip off pallet and sustain damage that causes refusals, rework or employee injury during shipping, warehousing and merchandising.
  • Preserves packaging aesthetic and protects brand integrity.
  • Yields manufacturing savings from reduction in slip sheets and stretch film.
  • Can result in ROI in one year or less*.
  • Improves operational efficiencies for you and the end-customer.
  • Reduces your environmental footprint and demonstrates eco-conscious actions desired by end-customers, consumers and shareholders.

*Contact H.B. Fuller for a detailed savings analysis.

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Temporary bonding for:

  • Shrink wrap for containers, such as shrink-wrapped water bottles, and corrugated containers.
  • High graphic and highly coated corrugated boxes to high graphic.
  • Uncoated corrugated boxes to uncoated corrugated boxes.
  • Paper or plastic bags of varying sizes.

Palletization Process Using H.B. Fuller Adhesives

Apply drop of H.B. Fuller palletization adhesives on top of corrugated boxes or shrink-wrapped bottle caps, or use other adhesive pattern**.

Stack finished goods on top of one another on a pallet after H.B. Fuller palletization adhesive is applied. The adhesive grips to act as a point of friction to stabilize the pallet during shipping and warehousing.

Separate packs of finished goods effortlessly during merchandising without damaging packaging.

**Ask H.B. Fuller for a pattern recommendation.

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