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Advancing manufacturers’
sustainability goals

Energy savings are achieved
by reducing tank temperatures to 110°C

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Connecting low temperature adhesives
with sustainability

Manufacturer achieves 28%
energy reduction

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Achieve significant energy reduction
while meeting sustainability goals

Improved e-commerce packaging on demand
with low temperature adhesives

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As packaging manufacturers search for more sustainable case and carton closing options, H.B. Fuller has introduced low application temperature hot melts.

While standard hot melts are applied at a range of 160 to 175 degrees Celsius, low application temperature hot melts are applied at a range of 110 to 135 degrees Celsius. Benefits of low application temperature hot melts include:

  • Energy savings

  • Corresponding C02 reduction

  • Increased operator safety

  • Improved efficiency

Increased Operator Safety

Low application temperature adhesives are best used with automatic feeder technology to reduce risk and manual handling. If a burn should occur, the severity will be reduced as a result of the lower temperatures. Plus, lower temperatures are easier on the equipment, prolonging their useful life.

Energy Savings

By maintaining hot melt tanks at a lower temperature, you will consistently use less energy than with traditional hot melt technology. And, depending on the energy source, this energy savings can translate directly into carbon dioxide savings.

In an independent study, we compared the energy usage for of adhesives at 100, 130 and 170 degree Celsius. When measuring the energy usage of the packing line equipment from when it was started to when it was ready for operation, we found that it takes 134% more energy to prepare adhesives at 170°C than 100°C. Also starting up a line running at 100°C in the tank takes half the time.

Improved Efficiency

Our patented low application hot melt adhesives are versatile and work with a wide range of substrates. In an effort to help our customers improve efficiency on their lines, our adhesive technology is designed to close more cases and cartons with less adhesive.

What is your potential energy, money and carbon dioxide savings? Let us calculate it. 

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