Under the swift®tak brand, H.B. Fuller offers a complete range of water-based adhesives, formulated using synthetic or natural based polymers. This diverse portfolio covers many bonding applications such as container labelling, tissue and towel products, folding carton and corrugated box manufacture, book production, film to print lamination, membrane press application to mention just a few.

Limitless Performance and Technical Support
• Premium performance through the supply chain: High wet tack ensures the label is quickly and securely fixed, even on cold, wet bottles.
Your labels stay on throughout the supply chain and use by the consumer thanks to high condensation and ice water resistance.
• Technical expertise: Expert technical support from adhesive selection through to application and line audits. Perform tests on your labels and bottles in our state-of-the-art H.B. Fuller technical center.

  • Keeps your brand intact with moisture and ice-resistance
  • Provides virtually invisible glue line when applied in a typical thin film, keeping your adhesive out of sight and labels looking great.
  • Runs fast and clean through equipment so you can save time previously dedicated to unclogging lines and cleaning equipment
Technology Documentation
Swift®tak 5622
Used for applications where great water resistance of the final bond is required
Swift®tak 5625
Used for applications where good water resistance of the final bond is required

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