Mar 12, 2019

Grand Opening of H.B. Fuller Innovation Center at Junior Achievement BizTown

Today, H.B. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL) celebrated the grand opening of its Innovation Center in JA BizTown, a state-of-the-art experiential learning lab in Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest's (JAUM) new facility, the Junior Achievement James R. And Patricia Hemak Experiential Learning Center.  

JA BizTown is a fully interactive free-market lab where students in grades 4-6 learn what it means to be responsible business leaders, consumers, workers, and citizens by participating in this simulated economy. Students perform specific jobs within 18 different shops, including the H.B. Fuller Innovation Center, each of which offers a consumer product or service. In addition to H.B. Fuller's support, many of the other JA BizTown shops are sponsored by Minnesota's leading companies representing their industry or profession. 

"At H.B. Fuller, we know that our business is best positioned to succeed when our communities are thriving," said Kimberlee Sinclair, executive director, H.B. Fuller Company Foundation. "We know that through our partnership with Junior Achievement, H.B. Fuller can help make a meaningful impact in the lives of many local students, ultimately strengthening our entire community."

"We're grateful to H.B. Fuller for their generous sponsorship of the Innovation Center," said Gina Blayney, JAUM President & CEO. "With their support, we're introducing today's youth to careers in Minnesota's greatest companies and providing them with an experiential learning opportunity that will prepare them to succeed in the workforce."


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