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How Adhesive Efficiencies Can Help Maximize Industrial Processes and Reduce Waste

Posted 05/09/2017 by Johannes Christiani, Business Development Manager, Woodworking EIMEA

Today’s customer demands even more customization and increased variety—all while wanting costs low and quality up—calling for “adaptation of existing lean techniques and exploration of the new waste-free solutions that go far beyond manufacturing,” according to Lean Business Systems and Beyond. H.B. Fuller is primed to offer lean process improvements that thereby provide greater energy and material efficiencies for its customers.  Because adhesive solutions are...

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Challenging the Industry Standard with High Quality Woodworking Products

Posted 11/16/2016 by Clint Zhang, Marketing Manager, Durable Assembly China & Korea

Sean Kong is the Sales Manager at the H.B. Fuller location in Guangzhou, China. He and his team realized that water-based adhesives were not meeting customer expectations in setting time and product quality, and they knew that the woodworking industry was eager to access new alternatives. Recognizing this need in the market, they set out to provide a solution that had shorter setting times (current manufacturers have setting times that average 4-6 hours with water-based adhesives), offer weather...

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