Where thinner hygiene products come together

As an industry-leading adhesive formulator, we go to great lengths to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers' evolving business needs and challenges. Meeting these challenges has led us to how to develop Full-Care™ hot melt adhesives that provide enhanced core integrity for thinner products. 

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The trend is clear - Cores are getting thinner!

“The trends that we are seeing in the hygiene market are related to thinner materials and thinner products,” explains Heather Walch, H.B. Fuller’s North America business director, Hygiene. “All hygiene products, whether they are for baby, feminine hygiene or adult care, are becoming thinner and lighter for improved comfort, fit and discretion. Mothers want comfortable babies.  Women wearing panty liners for daily hygiene needs demand improved comfort.  Adults want their light incontinence product to be so comfortable they forget they are even wearing one.  We can help hygiene  manufacturers develop thinner, better fitting products.

As cores get thinner, it is more challenging to maintain core performance. H.B. Fullerʼs Full-Care™ adhesive with Padlock™ technology stabilizes thinner cores reducing the risk of core separation, leaks and poor fluid retention.
Full-Care™ 7300 adhesive with Padlock™ technology :
  • Delayed crystallization technology provides high core integrity
    - Significantly improved wet strength in comparison to conventional construction adhesives 
  • Versatile Application
    - Direct sprayed or transfer sprayed 
  • Lower cost in use
    - Diapers will be thinner with improved integrity and can offer cost savings

Learn how our Full-Care™  family of products can help you get thinner, better fitting products.