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Polymer Products for Nonwovens, Paper and Textiles

Get the chemical resistance, water resistance and mechanical strength you need for your nonwoven, paper and textiles, as well as a variety of functional coatings. Our formulas support a complete range of patented, state-of-the-art filter paper saturates and binders, and we are at the forefront in the industry for shifting to APE free emulsion polymers and emission reduction.

Polymers Products for Nonwoven Paper and Textile

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Market: Polymers
Application: Polymers for nonwovens, paper and textiles
Used For: Super Absorption
Technology: Aqueous Polymer
    Features and Benefits:
    • Water soluble character aids in clean-up
    • Infinitely water dilutable
    • 1 gram of dried, complexed PD8081H will absorb about 100 grams DI / tap water
    • Film formation is realized at room temperature
    • Low viscosity
    • No solvents, slight alkaline pH, low odor and non-flammable in wet state
    • Polymer crosslinks after drying
    • Dried substrates will be hygroscopic. At 45% relative humidity, the complexed polymer will absorb up to 25% moisture and become soft / pliable
    • PD8081H SAP performs best with neutral or slightly basic fluids
    • Acidic fluids reverse gel structure
    • Incorporation of polyfunctional aziridines, instead of AZC, improves absorbency of acidic fluids

Nonwoven Polymers

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