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 high temperature adhesive - advantra™


Welcome to the forefront of hot melt technologies… Advantra® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. Our reliable products are created with unique patented polymer technology, ensuring clean adhesion process and superior bonding. Even at extremely high or low temperatures, the Advantra packaging adhesive line offers the sealing advantage you need.

About Advantra®

Advantra® Packaging Adhesives are the leading High Performance packaging adhesives in the world. Our low and high temperature adhesives offer exceptionally clean delivery and unmatched bonding that translate to substantial savings for you. Experience the Advantra® brand advantages.

  • No char or gel will form to plug the tank or glue tips—no downtime, less maintenance.
  • No stringing—even in high-speed runs— means less clean-up.
  • Precise bead size and placement, so that less hassle and less adhesive is required to get the job done.
  • Consistent viscosity lets you “set it and forget it ” for trouble-free packaging runs.
  • Extreme heat or cold—Advantra® adhesives optimally perform.

Advantra® High Performance Adhesives deliver precise and predictable bead placement that will not string or mar packaging, and the hot melt dries to an attractive light, white color. Your Advantra® brand sealed package will not pop open—whether in subzero or sweltering conditions. The secure performance and aesthetic integrity enhance your brand image and reflect your commitment to quality and service. Also, Advantra packaging adhesives are odor-free and easily removed creating a more positive environment inside and out.

The superior technology in Advantra® Packaging Adhesives mean better, cleaner more versatile performance using less product. The ultimate benefit is measurable bottom line savings for you.

  • Advantra Adhesives clean consistent machining reduces maintenance, repair and parts replacement.
  • Stronger bonds with less adhesive achieve greater mileage.
  • Adhesive performance from -40°F to 165°F on a broad array of substrates, makes Advantra Hot Melt the only adhesive you need across multiple lines.

The pressure to produce more sustainable packaging solutions in Europe means manufacturers are constantly looking at all aspects of their production process in order to cut the consumption of resources used, increase the percentage of renewables and facilitate recycling after use. Containing 40% ‘forest sourced’ renewable resources, Advantra True™ delivers the bonding power, production line efficiencies, low odor, good thermal stability and positive aging characteristics the market has come to expect from the Advantra brand. In addition, the hot melt adhesive aids end-of-line recycling, separating well in the re-pulping process. Based on a significant percentage of renewable raw materials, it delivers impressive performance from the production line through to end-of-life recycling.

Premium Performance and Sustainability


  • Premium performance through the supply chain: Production line efficiencies, good thermal stability and great bonding power across a wide range of carton types, including recycled carton grades. 
  • Sustainable operations: Less maintenance, and less downtime, by avoiding char or gel formation that may clog filters and glue nozzles. Clean, precise adhesive placement and minimal stringing ensure efficient operations, even at high-speeds.
  • Sustainable resources: Forest-sourced raw material that do not interfere with the food supply chain, and replace feedstock-based raw material.
  • Facilitated recycling: Advantra True™ adhesives separate well in the re-pulping process to support end-of-life recycling of packages.
  • Food Safe: H.B. Fuller certifies that Advantra True™ adhesives are compliant with European food safety regulations.


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