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H.B. Fuller Featured Brands

Advantra Encore™ - The Clear Choice

Our new Advantra Encore™ 4500 packaging adhesive—based on a custom designed proprietary technology platform—changes the rules about hot melt performance and supply. We invented the category of high performance hot melts more than a decade ago and no other supplier has been able to upgrade the standard of performance until now.


Flexel™ Reactive Film Adhesives Simple. Clean. Fast. Flexel™ reactive film adhesives from H.B. Fuller provide an advanced alternative to thermoplastic film, hot melt or liquid adhesives. The combination of low activation temperature and thermosetting technology results in a superior bonding solution.

Image of liquid being poured into a beaker


Under the Swift®melt brand, H.B. Fuller offers a complete range of thermosplastic pressure-sensitive adhesives that enable bonding of difficult substrastes for varied applications.


Under the Swift®bond brand, H.B. Fuller offers an extensive range of high performing one and two component solvent-based and solvent-free reactive polyurethane adhesives developed for the assembly of different industrial substrates.


Under the Swift®lock brand, H.B. Fuller is offering a a broad range of reactive hot melts matching technical requirements of most demanding applications.

 high temperature adhesive - advantra™


Advantra® Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives offer you the ultimate in performance. Our reliable products ensure superior bonding, pot stability, clean machining and lowest total cost of ownership. Even at extremely high or low temperatures, the Advantra packaging hot melt adhesive line offers the sealing advantage you need.


Sesame | The premier brand of adhesive coated solution for corrugated and folding carton packaging and plywood composing.


Enforcer™ | A go to brand for folding carton and corrugated packaging reinforcement.

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Swift®therm, H.B. Fuller's full range of thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

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The Swift®tak line of water based container labeling adhesives are specifically designed for breweries, wineries, spirits, and condiment markets. These products help our customers achieve the brand recognition they deserve along with increasing manufacturing efficiencies. By leveraging our internally developed polymers, these products have increased quality and price stability giving our customers a worry-free solution.

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Flextra® Film Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging. Using unique in-house polymer technology, H.B. Fuller has developed Flextra® Water-Based, Solvent-Free, and Solvent-Based Adhesive Systems.

Image of labels on bottles


Whether you use challenging labels or difficult container materials and conditions, you will find the right solution in the H.B. Fuller range of Clarity™ hot melt container labeling adhesives.

H.B. Fuller Cleanmelt™ adhesives on a cereal box

Clean Melt®

Simply Packed with Value™. You can contain costs and add value to your packaging process-with H.B. Fuller's Clean Melt® hot melt packaging adhesives.


Using unique in-house polymer technology, H.B. Fuller has developed Liquiloc®, a new range of high performance synthetic container labeling adhesives.

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At H.B. Fuller, our 30 years of experience in perfecting adhesives for the global nonwovens hygienic market has culminated in our new Full-Care™ brand of premium hot melt adhesives.


Under the RAKOLL® brand name, H.B. Fuller sells woodworking adhesives for many different applications world-wide.

image of a wood front door to a house


H.B. Fuller’s Rapidex® reactive hot melt adhesives combine the processing advantages of a hot melt with the end-use performance of a polyurethane. These adhesives have successfully delivered high bond strength and in use stability that can enhance line efficiency and productivity.

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Acryltac® vinyl acrylic polymers are designed specifically for your pressure sensitive applications. The tack and shear performance range combined with Fulatex® vinyl acrylic and styrene acrylic polymer line offer a wide performance range for your demanding pressure sensitive and specialty adhesive needs.

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Copro® brand means polymer performance specifically targeted for the construction and building industry. Copro® carries a wide range of acrylic, styrene acrylic, and styrene butadiene emulsions for your construction applications. There are multiple Copro® grades for tile systems, decorative overlays, caulks and sealants, coatings, damp-proof membranes, EIFS and thickener applications.


One of the most trusted Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) copolymer portfolio lines. Combined with our expert application knowledge we offer a wide range of solution options from traditional applications to advance innovation needs in markets such as: • Adhesives • Architectural and specialty paints and coatings • Construction products • Fiberglass sizing • Polymeric binders for paper and nonwovens Most of our Elvace® grades are low VAM, that is less than 0.1% residual vinyl acetate monomer.


Pace® Today’s technology standards are to provide the high performance without being concerned about residual odors or VOC’s . Pace® is our line of low VAM polyvinyl acetate homopolymers. All these products contain the performance qualities you’re looking for and have less than 0.1% free vinyl acetate monomer.

Image of a scientist holding a molecular structure


Plyamul® represents years of expertise in polymer technology. From several versions of polyvinyl acetate homopolymers to acrylic and styrene acrylic technology, Plyamul® has the selection of performance range of performance features you are looking for.