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The talk of the show: New H.B. Fuller Adhesive Technology


H.B. Fuller’s Liquamelt® adhesive technology was the talk of the show on day two of PACK EXPO. Packaging customers stopped by our booth to see live demonstrations of the new adhesive and equipment system powered by Graco Inc. The unique system received rave reviews and was touted as the “coolest technology introduced at the show this year.”

Providing “Cool on Delivery, Hot on Demand” technology, the Liquamelt system brings many advantages to the packaging market. This innovative system may reduce adhesive use by more than 50% and provides environmental benefits with its formulation that consists of 40% sustainable raw materials.

Graco’s specialized fluid handling equipment combined with our game-changing Liquamelt adhesive offers packaging customers a truly unique system to achieve greater efficiencies and employ sustainable solutions.

A-B-C Packaging, packaging OEM, is also running image of ABC Inc. at Pack Expo 2011H.B. Fuller’s Liquamelt adhesive on its premier case erector in booth C600.

In addition, OEM Moen Industries attracted attendees to their booth with demonstrations of Advantra Encore™, our proprietary hot melt adhesive technology that changes the rules about performance and supply. Advantra Encore was selected by Moen to show first-hand the advantages of clean machining and best-in-class mileage for hot melt adhesives on its new case erector equipment technology.

Moen’s new case erector equipment technology highlighted the unique adhesive requirements critical to the design and performance of an innovative 4-piece bliss box. Advantra Encore was confirmed to provide the best solution for Moen, providing greater than 25% mileage improvement  over traditional metallocene based hot melts with excellent adhesion and end-use performance.
H.B. Fuller’s collaboration with OEMs confirms our commitment to providing production efficiencies for the packaging industry with our innovative adhesive solutions. To learn more stop by our booth 5004.

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John Channon
Packaging Adhesives Director, North America

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