The Liquamelt System

The Revolutionary “Cool on Delivery – Hot on Demand” packaging system that eliminates hot tanks and hoses and features a unique technology that improves mileage up to 50%, forms fast strong bonds, and lowers overall operating costs.

Is Liquamelt right for your application?

H.B. Fuller is changing the packaging landscape. Discover Liquamelt’s unique dispensing equipment and specially-formulated adhesive that provides up to 50% mileage improvement per pound over traditional adhesives.

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The Liquamelt adhesive stays cool until it is activated just before it is dispensed. The activation occurs just prior to the point of application in our patented TurboActivator and then the material is dispensed as a robust thermoplastic adhesive. Our advanced polymeric components provide unique features that include up to 50% mileage improvement, fast strong bonds, easy clean up, and improved sustainability.

Liquamelt is an adhesive system that does away with hot tanks and hoses associated with traditional hot melt applications - resulting in a faster startup, safer work environment, and energy savings of greater than 50 percent.

Liquamelt offers the convenience and safety of cold glue with the speed and performance of hot melt. It’s a smart alternative that is ideally suited for corrugate case and tray applications as well as select carton sealing, paper assembly, and other assembly applications that require a robust, rapid-set thermoplastic bond. A four-channel unit is capable of processing 35 lbs per hour - the equivalent of 70 lbs per hour of hot melt.

The system is designed for easy retrofit making converting to Liquamelt simple. Replace existing hot melt tank, hose and dispensing heads with the Liquamelt pump unit, conventional hoses, and dispensing head assemblies and run production. Start the unit up and in less than 20 minutes—you’re running Liquamelt.


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Liquamelt heats, mixes and dispenses on demand—dramatically reducing equipment maintenance, line upkeep and energy costs associated with traditional hot melt technology.

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At every step, Liquamelt drives costs out of the production line.

It goes twice as far

The formulation of the adhesive combined with the thermal activation process can more than double adhesive mileage. Liquamelt goes twice as far per pound so you buy half as much—reducing your material, shipping and handling costs.

It’s hot-on-demand, not before.

Liquamelt heats, mixes and dispenses less than 40 grams of adhesive at any one time on demand—dramatically reducing char, maintenance and energy costs of traditional hot melt technology.

It starts on a dime.

Start up time for Liquamelt is less than 20 minutes, compared to 35 to 90 minutes for hot melt.

It runs clean and steady.

No more charred material in hoses and tanks to slow down or stop production.

Clean up is fast.

Prior to activation Liquamelt can be cleaned up with soap and water. After activation Liquamelt has a non-reactive composition—so it does not build up on rails and belts making clean up at day’s end as simple as blowing down the machine with an air wand.

Starts in 20 minutes or less

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Liquamelt goes farther, costs less—all while maintaining the performance characteristics of a high-strength thermoplastic adhesive.

Many adhesives use mainly petroleum-derived components. Liquamelt uses natural oils and contains more than 40% sustainable raw materials overall.

Compared to hot melt, Liquamelt reduces energy consumption and adhesive use by 50% or more.

Liquamelt uses less energy during manufacture and because you need less, reduces energy use during shipping and handling.

With a non-reactive composition, Liquamelt is much less hazardous to operators.

Contains more than 40% sustainable raw materials

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Cooler Technology.

One machine MIXES, HEATS AND DISPENSES saving space, energy, time, and money.

Liquamelt is the smart alternative to conventional hot melt. It eliminates the hot tanks and hoses to virtually eliminate char and the high maintenance costs that come with it. In addition it uses significantly less energy, is easy to remove from machinery, is inherently safer, and offers improved sustainability.

temperature 160° to -40° resistance

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The Liquamelt system was broadly commercialized when H.B. Fuller acquired the brand in 2011 and commissioned a dispensing system from Graco ®, the world leader in fluid dispensing technology.

The Liquamelt system is powered by a 17:1 piston pump design.

The delivery system includes a pump, reservoir, and up to four hoses—each equipped with patented “TurboActivator™” technology.

Patented TurboActivator™ technology makes it hot-on-demand.

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At the heart of the system is TurboActivator technology—a patented device that transforms a little less than 40 grams of Liquamelt's specially formulated liquid dispersion to a robust thermoplastic adhesive—on demand.

The liquid dispersion is pumped through conventional (not heated) hydraulic hoses to the TurboActivator device, mounted just before dispensing heads.

The TurboActivator transforms the liquid dispersion to a robust thermoplastic adhesive and dispenses the adhesive through zero cavity gun technology at a maximum rate of 8 lbs per hour, per Turbo.

When it is dispensed, Liquamelt is a high-strength, rapid-set, thermoplastic material that resists bond failures through a wide range of temperatures: from -40°F to 160°F (-40°C to 60°C )

Detachable MOD (Manual Operating Display) unit Integrates Simply

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The Liquamelt system features a detachable, MOD (Manual Operating Display) keypad and monitor built with proven Graco-control technology.

Use the MOD for setting heat zones, multiple temperature recipes and start/stop parameters.

MOD includes a self-diagnostic function and integrates easily with existing packaging equipment.

New bulk feed options


Liquamelt is currently offered in a 55 gallon drum bulk container. The bulk feed eliminates the need for on-floor staff to refill the adhesive reservoir. Typically hot melt adhesive is dispensed from the hot tank of a conventional system or from a reservoir close to the hot melt system.

The bulk delivery option allows containers to be located remotely and the Liquamelt adhesive to be safely transferred from the sealed containers to the packaging machines through common non-heated fluid hoses providing a closed, continuous fill operation. This is important in reducing waste, resulting in lower overall operating costs.

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