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Advantra Encore™ 4000 Packaging Adhesive

Less Adhesive. Better Bond.
Our new Advantra Encore™ 4000 packaging adhesive—based on a custom designed proprietary technology platform—changes the rules about hot melt performance and supply. We invented the category of high performance hot melts more than a decade ago and no other supplier has been able to upgrade the standard of performance until now. Once again we have transformed hot melt performance by inventing the Advantra Encore platform that surpasses traditional packaging hot melt technologies (metallocene-based and EVA).

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The Time is Right for Advantra Encore 4000 Adhesive
A new globally available custom designed hot melt only from H.B. Fuller; Advantra Encore 4000 provides superior performance to our packaging customers. With better bonding, higher mileage and broader service temperature range, Advantra Encore 4000 adhesive delivers the exceptional value you need for the long run.

  • Use up to 30% less adhesive
  • Superior bonding on a uniquely broad range of challenging substrates with its aggressive hot tack
  • Combination of low density and exceptional bonding provides more mileage than metallocene or EVA hot melts
  • From deep freeze to hot fill, one Advantra Encore product performs across broad service temperature ranges (-40˚ to 150˚ F/-40˚ to 66˚ C)

Download the Advantra-Encore™ 4000 At-a-glance (PDF English)

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